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Testimonials for Kat Barber

Kat Barber is amazing, kind, and gentle during her acupuncture sessions. She has been helping me through infertility journey and helped improve my ovarian function by fourfold. Her acupuncture and kind nature have been a huge emotional support during this difficult time. Kats office is very peaceful, calming, clean-and the atmosphere is comfortable and Kat will guide you through the acupuncture by adjusting or moving any needle that might be bothering you. I would recommend Kat Barber acupuncture to anyone seeking this health modality for the very first time—or even if you’re thinking of switching acupuncturists or starting up again after a break. Five star review. Betsy S.

I had never done acupuncture before I went to see Kat and after my experience with her over the past four months, I wish I had started with her years ago!! I've never been to a health-related appointment before that I ever felt so heard or cared for. My sessions with her always left me feeling physically and emotionally released of anything that was going on prior to my appointment. I couldn't recommend her more! Laura L.

I live in Chicago where Kathleen previously lived and practiced. She is extraordinary; brilliant, intuitive, and caring. She has relieved so many different issues for me over time, both physical and emotional. I have severe scoliosis and she has treated it with great understanding and skill. Recently I had the chance to have two treatments when she was in Chicago for a visit and what I thought was a problem with my heart she accurately diagnosed and treated as thoracic outlet syndrome. The pain was gone after two treatments. I did follow up with a cardiologist immediately and he said she was correct. She addresses muscular, organ related, and emotional issues. She helped both my parents as they became critically ill and aided them in a more peaceful transition. As a psychotherapist and holistic coach, myself, I have had all kinds of treatments from many practitioners all over the world. Kathleen is among the top 5. Don't miss the opportunity to work with Kat. In addition to acupuncture she also is an herbal specialist and uses other natural helping remedies. Ruthie Landis - body centered psychotherapist, coach, author, and international workshop presenter

I have been fortunate enough to receive treatments from Kat for several years and I recommend her to everyone I know who is interested in finding relief from or treatment for a variety of conditions. Kat has been instrumental in helping to alleviate physical pain I have from an old soccer injury and her treatments have provided much relief from general stress and anxiety, improving my overall mood and sleep. Kat is a healer and problem solver who will make a significant impact in your overall health. K Spencer

I started seeing Kat last year to help manage my migraines. She takes the time to talk to you about your health history and really cares deeply for her patients! I see her monthly and have seen significant results in the frequency and severity of my migraines. She’s also great about recommending supplements for other ailments. I highly recommend seeing Kat. She knows what she’s doing and she’s a super sweet and genuine person with a big heart and smile. M Lundgren

Kat has helped me tremendously! I‘ve been having numbness and tingling in my thigh. After a few treatments? Good as new! Also her treatments have helped my eyesight and overall sense of well-being. Acupuncture is something that I’ll be continuing in the future. Kevin Armold

Kat takes the time to listen to your needs and expectations for your session and does an amazing job making you feel comfortable and relaxed. I had an amazing experience and would highly recommend her! Sabrina MacKillop

I go to be treated for plantar fasciitis and it has been so helpful. The office is very clean, welcoming, and peaceful. The room and equipment the same, heated bed is what I look forward to! Kat's professionalism and kindness really goes beyond, I was checked on often to make sure I was comfortable but not too much where I couldn't relax. She made many recommendations that have improved my daily life. It is a great relief for my pain management, highly recommend! M Marchak-Link

I’ve been dealing with anxiety my whole life and decided to try acupuncture. Being treated by Kat is a life changer! I’m amazed by the amount of lasting relief that I get from her treatments. A feeling of calm, more focused thinking, way better mood, deeper sleep, I literally feel like she puts my scattered self back together. I also have less painful menstrual cramps, which is a great bonus I didn’t expect! Her knowledge and experience make you feel at ease, and she’s one of the nicest and coolest people you’ll ever meet. I’ve referred many friends to her, all have been really impressed with the results. Don’t hesitate to try her, you’ll be in great hands!  K Edwards

I can highly recommend Kat Barber as an acupuncturist and healer. I first went to Kat after I'd been experiencing chronic knee pain -- residual effects from multiple marathons I'd run over a decade earlier. My doctor's recommendation was for continual use of ibuprofen and other NSAIDs as needed, but that wasn’t sustainable. During the interview/diagnostic phase of the session, Kathleen finds a way of really sussing out your physical or energetic complaints and then working through them in an almost musical way...kind of hard to put into words. Her manner is serene and her voice is very soothing. And during treatments I find her very sensitive to how I'm feeling, needle by needle, making adjustments in placement or depth as needed. My knee pain has been greatly alleviated and recently she’s also helped me with some lower back issues. I've found her treatments very helpful. I always come away from a session with Kathleen feeling energized. S Spencer

Kat is amazing, I have been seeing her for 2 years now and she has helped me a lot with a past injury that I had on my ribs and collarbone. I have referred many friends to her because of her expertise in many areas. She is hands down by far the best acupuncturist I have ever seen. I Lessor - massage therapist

Kat is wonderful to work with. I always walk out of her office feeling balanced and refreshed. Kat has helped me with pain from an injury along with some chronic health problems. She's professional, passionate, and warm. Her office is cozy and clean. I highly recommend her. Liz E - meditation instructor and psychotherapist


Testimonials - Kat Barber Acupuncture in Royal Oak, MIKat Barber offers Acupuncture, Pain, Fertility, Facial Acupuncture in Royal Oak, MIKat Barber Acupuncture offers safe, effective Acupuncture, Pain, Fertility, Facial Acupuncture in Royal Oak, MI

Testimonials - Kat Barber Acupuncture in Royal Oak, MIKat Barber offers Acupuncture, Pain, Fertility, Facial Acupuncture in Royal Oak, MI

Kat Barber, L.Ac., MSAOM, Licensed Acupuncturist

Contact: 206-850-6069

1320 N. Campbell Road, Suite 19    Royal Oak, MI 48067

Sundays: 10am-4pm
Tuesdays: 10am-7pm        Wednesdays: 1:30-7pm
    Thursdays: 12-8pm        Fridays: 10am-3pm

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Kat Barber Acupuncture offers safe, effective Acupuncture, Pain, Fertility, Facial Acupuncture in Royal Oak, MI. Testimonials - Kat Barber Acupuncture in Royal Oak, MI. Kat Barber offers Acupuncture, Pain, Fertility, Facial Acupuncture in Royal Oak, MI